Chania Gardens is conveniently sited just minutes from Thika’s town centre, yet easily accessed off the upcoming Thika super highway which makes it just 30 minutes from Nairobi CBD. This makes Chania Gardens a potential residence for those working in Thika, Nairobi or nearby area. In addition, the by pass network allows for quick access into Nairobi, either opening at Waiyaki Way or directly to the airport.



Chania Gardens is ideally located just close to Thika town, home to the Thika Arcade, Tusky’s supermarket, hospitals, a training collage and education facilities, making life for its residents much more convenient. Thika evolution into an industrial base makes Chaina Gardens a perfect residence for those working in Thika and its surrounds. At the same time, Chaina Gardens will be in close proximity to Ruiru, Kiambu and Nairobi and the northern Mt. Kenya region.



Thika is a new upcoming area for home buyers and investors, with property prices on the rise as it begins to merge with Nairobi’s economy. With the infrastructure works coming to fruition, property values are likely to increase, making Chania Gardens as ideal investment to gain from the likely appreciation.



Although Chania Gardens is within close proximity to Thika’s town, it is set apart through its unique ambience, basking in beautiful views of Mt. Kilimambogo that lend it a spectacular blend of serenity. This makes it an ideal get-away from the industrial hub of Thika.



Property research shows that areas immediately surrounding Nairobi have seen great rises in property values in recent years. Given the infrastructure development and Chania Gardens location along Nairobi's natural expansion line, the development is likely to gain from future capital appreciation.